Imagine the Impact!

Right now, apprentices live in RV trailers and we have to close during the winter.

This house will allow us to stay open in the winter and increase from 3 to 12 apprentices per year!

Join the team that will move this house and help more youth get out of crisis!


Help Move This House!

Join the team that will move this house with a tax-deductible gift today! We can’t do it without you!


For the last two years, we have identified housing as our biggest challenge on the ranch. We’ve utilized temporary housing options like RV trailers until now for the apprentices. These options have significant draw backs that a house could solve.

The problem was the cost of new construction. In our area, new homes will cost $150 per square foot. For a 3,300 sf house, the total would nearly be $500,000! We knew that in order to raise that much money, we would need to launch a multi-year capital campaign. So in January we began to pray for creative alternatives.

On March 17, we learned that our neighbor was planning to demolish a house on his property to make room for a new one. We asked if instead of demolishing the house, he would give it to Rockside and we could move it onto the ranch. He agreed and we launched into this massive project!

Instead of needing to raise half a million dollars, we now need to raise $130,000 by the end of June to move and renovate this house.

A generous team of supporters is coming together to make that happen — it has been thrilling to see!




House Move (Piece #1)


Let's Move This House!

Demo Day!

House Tour

Breaking Ground

Pouring the Footings

February 17: Permit granted for exterior decking and patios

January 11: Flooring complete

December 24: Electricity turned on!

December 19: Plumbing fixtures installed

December 15: Tile complete

November 17: New drywall complete.

October 12: New insulation installation complete.

October 10: New electric installation complete.

October 4: New framing complete.

September 16: Interior demolition complete.

August 30: New plumbing installation is complete.

August 29: Carport is re-attached to the house and anchored to the slab.

August 28: House is lowered onto new block wall foundation.

August 27: Concrete slab for the carport is poured.

August 14: Block wall foundation is completed.

July 20: Pieces 2 & 3 moves to Rockside Ranch!

July 18: Piece 1 moves to Rockside Ranch!

June 9: House is raised off the original foundation

MAY 24: Concrete is poured for footings and piers.

MAY 21: Structural Movers arrive to begin preparing the house.

MAY 11: We broke ground!

MAY 4: Project was officially approved. Picked up permits from the county.

APRIL 4: Met with Environmental Health about the existing septic tank. Submitted permit application to the county.

APRIL 3: Engineered plans received for foundation

MARCH 20: Met with engineer, general contractor, and structural movers. All committed to the project.

MARCH 19: Met with the county to determine feasibility

MARCH 17: House was gifted to Rockside Ranch by our neighbors.

House Gift

On March 17, our neighbors decided to gift this house to Rockside. We had been praying for a creative solution to our housing problem and this was it. The house is less than 1 mile away from Rockside. It is one of the closest houses to our property with a straight shot into our driveway.

Power Hookup

The power company came out to inspect our job. Because of the proximity to our existing power pole, they recommended that we connect the house with an overhead wire. If we agreed to go overhead, the power company said they would do the job at no charge. This saved us $5,000-$8,000 in construction cost.

Permit Cost

When we went to pick up our permits, we discovered that when you move an existing house, they do not charge any of the fees or taxes associated with the new construction of homes. This saved us over $10,000 on our permit fees.

Existing Septic

We had an existing septic tank in the ground that we had hoped to use for this house. The septic tank was installed years ago (before Rockside) and the county didn’t have any record of it. They agreed to let us use the existing tank if it passed inspection. It passed, saving us $7,000-$12,000.

County Favor

Permit approval can take months with many back-and-forth meetings regarding permits. Our permit application was approved in exactly one month with no notes or changes.


When we asked the owners why they were going to demolish the house, they said that the structure was sound but the floorplan was not workable. They said, “It is set up more like a bunkhouse.” — well that’s exactly what we needed!

Help Move This House!

Join the team that will move this house with a tax-deductible gift today! We can’t do it without you!


  • Plan

    Meet with county and contractors to determine if the project is feasible.

  • Build Foundation

    Construct a new foundation at Rockside for the house.

  • Move House

    Move the house from its current location to Rockside Ranch (in 3 pieces)

  • Repair House

    Put the house back together and complete renovations.

  • Apprentices Move In

    Welcome the next class of apprentices to the new house!

Tax-Deductible Gift For House

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